About Us

Your Brand On The Move

Business Impact Group (BIG) specializes in providing quality branded apparel, merchandise, printed materials, fulfillment and kitting services.  We are proud of both the diverse list of services we provide and the efficiency with which we execute on our deliverables. Our vertical business model ensures that we can effectively support the unique requirements you’ve presented.

BIG’s experience with global sourcing and our utilization of overseas factories allow us to create custom textiles and unique products at the best possible price for our clients. Our international sources provide production services for new programs, large orders, specialized products and specific fabric needs.

Our fulfillment capabilities ensure all programs run smoothly.  We warehouse product, maintain proper inventory levels and ship items directly to our customers.  The majority of these programs are supported through our online solutions.

Our in-house IT team provides execution, monitoring and support of our web-based stores.  By managing and hosting each program internally, we are able to maintain proper inventory levels, provide personalized customer service, and fulfill all orders within 24 hours.

Understanding the value of an established working relationship and the ability to make the impossible happen are two things which separate BIG from the competition.  We take pride in partnering with our clients and will go to any length to create hassle-free programs that allow our customers to focus on their primary business objectives.

Whatever your needs, our dedicated team, diverse manufacturing knowledge, unique sourcing experience and warehousing capabilities ensure we will provide the highest quality product and program and at a very competitive price. About Us