At Business Impact Group, we embrace a multi-tiered approach in regards to economic, environmental and social considerations. Sustainability isn’t just about “green” practices; it’s about being positioned to move into the future as a robust, successful company. It’s a challenge we’ve met throughout our history and will continue to meet with talent, creativity, and sensitivity.

As one of the top 25 branded product distributors, BIG has built its reputation by providing quality services and products to our customers. We are committed to product quality and safety compliance to ensure the distribution of safe products into the hands of our valued clients.  Our company continues to partner only with manufacturers that uphold our standards for product safety and social responsibility.

We are also concerned for the well being of not only our employees, but also the communities in which we operate.  Part of that obligation means striving to be active and valued members of those communities.  We are grateful that our profitability allows us to respond to so many needs.  Over the last five years, BIG has contributed in excess of $1 million to non-profit organizations in our communities, locally and around the world. We view responsible community participation as an integral part of business, and are proud of our employees’ involvement.

Finally, we recognize that in addition to our customers and employees, the environment is a silent stakeholder in our company, and we have an obligation to behave responsibly toward it. Through ongoing sustainability efforts, we are working to increase efficiency, and reduce waste throughout our operations.

Armed with the culture of stewardship and sustainability that has been a key part of our history, we are prepared to move forward with the confidence that we play a valuable role as a corporate citizen of individual communities and of the world.



Paul Taunton

CEO’s Message
CEO’s MessageCEO’s Message