Environmental Stewardship

BIG is committed to integrating environmental sustainability into our day to day business operations by using resources responsibly, eliminating waste and minimizing our carbon footprint.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Recycling is a key focus for our BIG fulfillment centers and offices. To support this commitment, BIG has made capital investments into equipment to reduce our carbon footprint which included adding a box crusher to our warehouse. The practice of compacting our waste boxes has diverted tons of materials from landfills, thereby reducing any negative effect on our local environment.

Within our corporate office, BIG employees are encouraged to recycle whenever possible.  Individual recycling bins are provided at every desk, the main copy room and meeting rooms.  Our office printer is outfitted with “lock print” system which only allows items to print when the individual scans the machine with their assigned print card.  This best practice greatly reduces print jobs mixing together and forcing employees to print the same item multiple times.

In efforts to reduce paper consumption, BIG proudly promotes a business model that encourages our employees, vendors and clients, to utilize digital / online company stores in lieu of printed catalogs. By moving to a dynamic web platform, we can provide up-to-date product lines & inventory rather than wasting paper resources on printed catalogs.

Seasonally, we gather our damaged products and discontinued samples to donate them to local charities, diverting them from the waste stream. These items – apparel & more – are able to have a second life in the hands of those in need.

Energy Conservation

To further support our environmental sustainability practices, BIG annually reviews our energy efficiency at each BIG facility. We utilize energy efficient LED lighting systems throughout our buildings. Our new state-of-the-art fulfillment center, opened in the fall of 2014, utilizes motion detection lights which automatically turn off in areas that are not in active use.

BIG continues to improve the efficiencies of our heating and air conditioning systems. We utilize ceiling fans throughout our facilities and our new fulfillment center features an energy efficient air exchange system.  This system allows us to cool our buildings at night using technology that draws in cooler outside air, versus using air conditioning. BIG facilities have temperature-controlled environments which provide greater efficiencies during non-work hours, greatly reducing our impact on the energy grid. Additionally, our new fulfillment center has a primarily white roof, which provides additional energy savings by deflecting daytime heat and keeping our building cooler during the hot summer months.

Sustainable Products

BIG sources products through suppliers that focus on sustainability whenever possible. BIG offer “green” product solutions whenever possible to help reduce our client’s carbon footprint.

Our product sourcing & development team proactively researches new product solutions that utilize sustainable materials and/or production methods. New products for 2015 include straw fiber based plastic, PET recycled fabric made from water bottles, bamboo plastic, corn based plastic resin and much more. Special focus is given to promoting sustainable products and materials, making our clients aware of the opportunities within their promotional spend to purchase environmentally sustainable products.


Environmental Sustainability