A large group of Business Impact Group (BIG) employees volunteered on Saturday, September 26th at the Xcel Energy Center for the DinoMights Picture Day. They distributed sweatshirts and assisted with lacing up skates for the kids. The BIG Star Foundation donated 500 hoodies and 50 quarter zips to the DinoMights players, coaches and mentors. The motivation for this donation was to create a sense of community for the kids involved in this program, as well as provide great marketing for the DinoMights organization within their neighborhoods.

“DinoMights is exactly the kind of organization that BIG’s Star Foundation loves to get involved with. It’s a great program for a great group of kids. We are humbled to be able to put a smile on these faces. Take a minute to learn more about the good work that’s being done at DinoMights.com.” stated President and CEO of BIG, Paul Taunton.

Scott Harman, Executive Director of DinoMights said “This donation goes to the heart of BIG’s company. BIG specializes in providing branded materials for teams, companies and organizations of all kinds. They help organizations to deepen their feelings of belonging. That’s exactly what they have done for over 100 DinoMights kids and roughly 50 DinoMights coaches already.  Thank you BIG.”

Click here to watch the Fox Sports News segment at the Xcel Energy Center

About DinoMights

DinoMights is a youth development program featuring hockey, in Minneapolis. The philosophy of DinoMights centers around maintaining relationships with youth from their elementary years through high school graduation, and providing them with the various kinds of support they need to become self – assured, competent adults. DinoMights began in 1995 as a collaborative effort with the Minneapolis Park Board and the Park Avenue Foundation Computer Learning Center. DinoMights’ mission is “to equip our urban youth to develop physical, academic, social and spiritual excellence.”

The philosophy of DinoMights is centered on whole life impact and long-term relationships with diverse youth possessing significant unmet needs in the Central, Powderhorn, and Phillips neighborhoods of South Minneapolis. This innovative approach engages students in the community from their early childhood/elementary years through high school graduation, and provides them with the opportunities they needs to become self-assured, competent adults. DinoMights is a powerful combination of traditional enrichment through recreation and international strategies that respond to children’s unique developmental and academic needs. Using hockey as an incentive, DinoMights provides academic tutoring, mentoring, computer instruction, studies, camping, community service, and various other faith based activities that help fulfill the mission.