One size doesn’t fit all. We work with you to build customized programs, products and ideas tailored to your business’ exact needs.

In the world of promotional products, there is a vast difference between “merchandise production” and “merchandise branding.” Business Impact Group believes creating branded merchandise is an art form and a process; it demands active listening, thoughtful questioning, creativity and effective communication. We listen to and learn about our clients, their corporate culture, the messages they would like to send and the ways in which they want to be perceived. In a commodity driven industry, our focus is on the intangible, such as creativity, ingenuity and customer service. We truly care about clients and take an active and thoughtful approach to every new opportunity that comes our way. Through the creation of quality and creative promotional items, Business Impact Group continues to raise the bar and change the face of the next generation of brand merchandising.

Custom Products

Made Just For You

Can’t find just the right item? Talk to a design team member, and we’ll build something from scratch to create a unique, lasting impression.

Personalized and custom gifting is a great way to mark major company milestones or launch a new product.

Custom Products

BIG custom product categories:

  • Apparel
  • Sporting goods
  • Electronic accessories
  • Household and kitchen items
  • Bags and travel items