A mere 30 percent of U.S. workers are actively engaged with their employers. The rest are costing U.S. business between $450 billion and $550 billion annually.

– Gallup. “State of the American Workplace.” 2013

Employees are not just your workforce, they are your business success.

Few organizations truly understand that and rarely elevate employee recognition to the sophisticated level it requires today. At BIG we understand that people can’t wait for the gold watch. Today’s workplace is about fostering collaboration, encouraging sharing and driving innovation among your employees. We understand it’s critical to recognize both the obvious and not so obvious milestones along the way.


Business Impact Group President and CEO Paul Taunton on Worldwide Business with Kathy Ireland in an exclusive interview discussing how BIG helps our clients to engage customers from within the company and also helps companies build on their brand power.

The BIG LIFT Difference

BIG LIFT is our solution to delivering unique and comprehensive recognition programs. Our objective is to design and implement engagement solutions that build a culture of employee recognition.


*Answers provided by our Clients’ Employees. 2013

L: Leadership

Today’s manager provides a critical link- through their words and actions. Our LIFT program successfully engages managers in collaboration to shape a culture by translating strategic vision into winning action.

I: Incentives

Our seasoned employee engagement experts will work with your organization to design creative and innovative initiatives to motivate positive changes within your organizational culture.

F: Focus

With the focus on your organization’s purpose and objectives, employees will lift themselves to challenges and show their enthusiasm for mission critical objectives.

T: Transparency

BIG has developed processes that give our clients detailed insight of program results. This daily pulse/visibility provides key strategic insight around all initiatives enterprise wide.