Agile Recognition is the methodology created by BIG.

This unique approach results in highly effective recognition programs that leave a lasting impact on an organization. Our solution delivers an adaptable, constantly evolving program that continuously engages employees at all levels with initiatives designed to address their individual needs.


Our Agile Recognition Principles

  • Our first priority is to increase the success of each organization with early, continuous and varied delivery of employee recognition. This results in a motivated, engaged employee who is performing and impacting your bottom line.
  • We welcome and plan for change. We believe that our ability to quickly respond to change is a source of competitive advantage for the organizations that we serve.
  • We deliver employee recognition often by increasing frequency and variety of recognition. We ensure that every employee is continuously engaged.
  • Great employee recognition requires close alignment between the organization and BIG.
  • Learning, through the build-measure-evolve feedback loop, is how programs continually perform with success.
  • Continuous attention to recognition best practice fundamentals and exceptional, forward thinking, program design enhances agility.
  • Clear communication and internal marketing of a program is essential.