At Business Impact Group, global sourcing and manufacturing is our specialty.


Our Global Product Solutions team overseas a diverse global supply chain primarily based in China. We’ve produced millions of items using an established network of qualified offshore manufacturers. We have long-term partnerships with manufacturing facilities in a broad range of product categories.

Each supplier partner has been thoroughly reviewed to meet our social and environmental compliance requirements. Factory audits (announced and unannounced) ensure that your products are made in safe, reliable factories that can maintain the highest quality standards throughout each production run. All BIG suppliers are required to abide by a strict code of conduct to ensure corporate responsibility and the upholding of our standards.

All factories must pass specific international standards for both manufacturing and social accountability before being considered for direct import bidding. Using accredited third party inspection agencies for social compliance, factory audits and product testing, we never cut corners or put your brand equity at risk.


We have adopted the PPAI Code of Conduct