At Business Impact Group we are experts in creating a dynamic and lasting experience between your brand and your employees.

Time and again, we’ve seen how something as simple as a uniform – the look, the cut, the color – can help create positive impressions and help you retain your best people and customers. For over 15 years BIG has been on the cutting edge of both design and performance in the textile industry. Our clients leverage our years of manufacturing expertise in designing the perfect garment for their audience. We take into consideration all of the variables that can influence how a fabric performs within our clients’ specific work environments.

In today’s workplace all of the details matter. Our philosophy is to engineer a textile that will absolutely guarantee a certain level of quality, style, comfort, and performance. When an employee looks good, they are more likely to feel good. And when you feel good, you do good work.

The BIG Advantage

  • Buying Power: we are always producing and pass the bargaining power on to customers
  • Global manufacturing capabilities
  • Dedicated Account Managers know your account; think of us as an extension of your staff
  • Custom Garments: choose from a vast selection of fabrics, colors and treatments to create a custom garment for your brand or business need
  • Funded Programs: flexible payment terms let you place your order today and pay tomorrow
  • Inventory Management and Fulfillment: our specialists are focused on managing production, shipping and all logistics so you don’t have to
  • Same Day Shipping: your order is processed and shipped same day on most orders
  • National Distribution: fast, reliable nationwide delivery
  • Easy Program Transitions: switch to a BIG program, upgrade or add services easily