Your program shouldn’t be One Size Fits All.

For over 15 years BIG has been on the cutting edge of both design and performance in the textile industry. Our clients leverage our years of manufacturing expertise in designing the perfect garment for THEIR audience. We take into consideration all of the variables that can influence how a fabric performs within our clients’ specific work environments.

We consult with you from the start of our relationship to determine the overall goals and requirements of the program: What do you like in your current program? What could be improved?

Then we begin the design process:

  • Explore designs that establish or reinforce your brand image through colors, fabrics, and styles
  • Identify core items and appropriate accessories
  • Create physical samples
  • Validate with proof of concept in-store testing, if applicable

BIG has accomplished in-house graphics and design teams that have created and currently support dozens of programs. These programs range in size and volume from a small club site with a half dozen products to thousands of franchise users with multiple product categories. We are comfortable building a program from concept up or working with corporate marketing and creative personnel to create a program to exacting brand standards.

Additionally, we have years of experience in web, print, logo and package design, making us your one-stop shop for all your design needs.