Our fulfillment services are robust

Business Impact Group offers economies of scale and flexibility, which allow for quick turnarounds and easily customizable solutions. We can manage the logistics of your program, no matter how complicated. Whether your program resides within the framework of other solutions from BIG or is a stand-alone fulfillment program.

  • In-house fulfillment center
  • Multiple distribution centers
  • Multiple shipping options
  • Cross docking solutions available
  • Temperature controlled storage
  • Completely vertical with all fulfillment capabilities
  • Same day shipping – orders received by noon go out the same day
  • “Store in a box” systems


Online Tools

Many of our programs are set up with an online order site allowing for the usage of the latest in today’s eCommerce tools. We have several specialized software products that allow BIG to address a wide range of client needs.

Below are the significant and unique features of our software products:

  • Automatic order status updates: The order status is updated in real-time and users are notified via email, in addition to being able to check order status online.
  • Real-time inventory: Inventory is shown on each product as real-time so that each login shows current inventory levels.
  • Budget and spending controls: A budget or spend can be set-up at a group and individual level to track and control online spending.
  • Order approval process: An approval process is available to groups or users who want to approve a submitted order before it is processed.
  • Variable checkout capabilities: BIG offers different types of checkout capabilities including PO, credit card, and budget checkout options. Each option can be set-up, per a specific group’s needs.
  • Dedicated BIG support team: A dedicated customer service phone number and email address is set up to address support needs. Also, a specific team of account managers is assigned to the account to oversee any online needs, questions or issues.