BIG is a leader in the fulfillment marketplace

We can bring leadership to the management of your program’s fulfillment needs. For programs that fully reside with us we can handle everything from sourcing to warehousing to shipping. We can also act as your distribution hub to receive all of your products, samples or literature from all your vendors and manage the logistics of fulfillment to your distributors, stores or even your customers. We can also easily handle the fulfillment process for your eCommerce solution, whether it resides on our platform or yours.

Depending on program needs our fulfillment center can warehouse large inventories of blank apparel and merchandise, allowing the flexibility of core on-demand products while reducing the amount of finished goods we must hold for in-stock programs. BIG carries the cost of warehousing active program inventories thus removing this liability from your books. We do not invoice clients until product is shipped.

Our average fill rate is 99.1%

We are proud to say that with our approach to inventory management and analysis, it is a rare occurrence for BIG to have backorders. The Inventory Management division of our Fulfillment Center completes daily cycle counts of our highest volume items. We also select random products weekly to do audits on to ensure our inventory counts are accurate. Any food related or other products that have expiration dates are tracked with a FIFO functionality on our software to ensure we are shipping well within the expiration dates.

Complete audits of every item in our facility are completed minimally once per year and our higher volume items are audited quarterly, at a minimum.

Kitting Fulfillment Services

Kitting and Hand Assembly is a highly required, yet overlooked element in successful supply chain management. At Business Impact Group, our company is grounded by a hard-working, focused and well managed work force which makes us a sought after Kitting and Assembly company within the supply chain industry. BIG does not outsource our packaging services, your projects are packaged in our new state of the art production facility.

With over 15 years of experience, BIG can scale beyond basic kitting and packaging and offers exceptional service, by utilizing a skilled labor force and the latest in materials. Business Impact Group is able to offer, product assembly, retail based projects and intensive hand labor. Whether your project consists of 50 or 500,000 pieces, we will manage each project with the same detail and ensure it’s completed on time.

As a full service kitting and packaging facility, we also maintain high speed shrink wrapping equipment. Our labor force is trained to maintain the integrity of your project and out-put product in a time definite manner. We handle multi-level Shrink-Wrapping and Kitting projects for numerous fortune 500 companies in the Food, Consumer Goods, Printing, Apparel and Electronics Industries.


Our services include:

  • Product Assembly
  • Assembling Promotional Kits
  • Point of Purchase Displays
  • Collating
  • Repackaging
  • Bagging/Tagging
  • Gluing/Hot Melt
  • Palletizing
  • Shrink-wrapping/poly bagging






fda Business Impact Group is a FDA Certified organization, staffed and prepared to meet your standards as a solutions based kitting and repackaging company.