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The Fourth Annual BIG Golf Classic took place this year on July 25th at Island View Golf Club in Waconia. It was a beautiful day on the course with a great turn-out of 120 players who participated in the event. Foursomes included employees, clients, vendors, and friends of Business Impact Group (BIG).

Players were treated to Titleist golf balls, Nike quarter zips, and Nike golf shoes. The afternoon was followed by a happy hour and dinner at the clubhouse where prizes were awarded for the Top 4 Teams, Longest Putts, Closest to the Pin and Longest Drives. Prizes included Ray Ban sunglasses, Galaxy Tablets, VIZIO Flat Screen TV’s, Nike driver golf clubs, and Ogio suitcases.

“Thank you so much for the invitation, it was an absolute blast and we love the fact that the proceeds help kids in need. We appreciate the partnership with you guys and look forward to continue working with you” – Patterson Dental

Business Impact Group would like to thank the players and participants of this year’s BIG Golf Classic for helping raise over $50,000 of which $20,000 was donated to this year’s benefactor, Matter.

About BIG Star Foundation

BIG’s “Star Foundation” focuses on the health and improvement of people and children. They believe ordinary people can come together and achieve extraordinary things. The Star Foundation provides a clean and convenient water source to a community of 1,500+ in Ghana, Africa. Business Impact Group is happy to announce that we have successfully drilled for, and piped water into a small village in Ghana. BIG encourages its employees to be part of their corporate culture, which believes in sharing time and resources to enrich their local communities around them.


Matter is a movement of people who believe they have the power to solve some of the world’s greatest challenges right in their own two hands. One of the biggest challenges we face today is the lack of access to health. All humankind, regardless of race, income, religion, or sex can have the same access to a healthy life. It is only then that we can create a world where we all matter.

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