On November 29, Lane Bryant opened its 700 stores with Holiday 2017. The display set was a three-month journey that started with a concept drawing by the LB visual designers. From there the BIG team went to work researching their experienced group of manufacturers to find the perfect fit for the unique challenge presented in the design documents. Three rounds of samples were produced to refine the concept and to value-add to the finished product. Prototyping included packing, kitting, and installation instructions to assure a seamless delivery.

Distribution lists and shipping negotiations were also overseen by our project management team along with the production calendar. International shipping logistics were arranged to meet the delivery requirements and monitored daily with reports to the LB visual team.

To maximize the schedule and reduce overall shipping costs, BIG contracted kitting and packing to be facilitated at port and individual unit distribution to be direct to the store. Shipping began with a five-day national schedule. Progress reports and delivery confirmations were updated daily and maintained on a live site designed for LB. Team members could check the status of any package at any time.

With all stores deliver and installed, we can report a 100% success rate for on-budget, on-time, out-of-box ready execution.