Cargill wanted a solution that would fully integrate with existing corporate systems in order to streamline management, provide real-time order information and enhance corporate reporting.  The final solution required a custom web-based user interface and custom integrations with three different systems: Sitecore (ecommerce), Okta and Salesforce.

  • Involved 250,000 Retailers Nationwide
  • Over 2,000 SKU’s


  • Developed custom user interface using React, integrated with Salesforce.
  • Created custom Angular front-end components for the B2B store to present filtered Salesforce data as options in custom order fields.
  • Orders placed in the B2B store were automatically pushed to a custom listener service which subsequently pushed the order data into custom objects in Salesforce.
  • Security best practices were employed in order to pass the audit by the client’s global security team and pass penetration testing from a 3rd party.
    – Security features included strong encryption, Azure Key Vault, & Azure WAF.

This very large and complex integration project was delivered on time and on budget. Key-value delivered includes:

  • Cargill Corporate has real-time visibility to all order activity, budget balances, etc. within the framework of their own business operating systems. No need to pull data from other sources and waste time piecing data together.  This improves data quality, saves time, and allows for enterprise-level reporting.
  • Seamless simple access saves time while also supporting best practices for data security. No need to remember or create separate credentials.
  • Each user has a customized experience based on their role they are presented with the resources that are most important to them.