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What's BIG?

BIG is a leading brand management company that brings creative solutions to your business, customers, and employees.

Meet The Team

At BIG (Business Impact Group), we specialize in innovative brand techniques, offering a comprehensive range of services spanning brand management, print management, engagement, fulfillment, and kitting. Our talented and intuitive team members stay on the cutting edge of the latest trends and best practices, delivering game-changing results for those looking to stand out from the crowd. With a rich 20-year history of assisting families and individuals in need remains a core value at BIG. We actively share resources and solutions to improve the lives of members in our community, particularly children. With love and compassion, our team members are encouraged to participate in making a difference. Giving back, and contributing to those less fortunate, it’s who we are.

“Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much.”

Helen Keller
CEO / President

Paul Taunton


Peter Vos

Chris VanHoutte

Director of IT

John Clouse

VP of Purchasing & Fulfillment Operations

Elsa Haines

Sales Operations Manager

Jenny Haller

Sales Operations Manager

Steven Wert

Sales Operations Manager

Jaci Reinke

Sales Operations Manager

Brandon Geehan

VP of Sales Print Management

Ryan Loney

VP of Sales Brand Management

Marc Powers

VP of Sales Engagement

Evelyn Gunderson

Human Resources Manager

Giving Back

Giving back to the community has always been an important focus here at Business Impact Group. We want to ensure our internal community (that’s YOU!) has an outlet where BIG can possibly help to support those critical needs as well. The BIG HEART program was established to help employees who may be going through tough life situations and would benefit from some additional financial support of up to $500 to help them work through a particularly stressful situation. Employees can nominate themselves or be nominated by their peers or supervisor/manager to receive support from BIG to make their current situations a little better—this may range from financial support for repairs or bills or gas money to meals to a household item that would make an impact to the day-to-day.


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

At BIG, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), are fundamental values. We recognize that diversity brings unique perspectives, ideas, and talents, and  inclusion ensures that every voice is heard and valued. Equity guarantees equal opportunities and resources for all. 

BIG understands that promoting DEI in the workplace is the right thing to do and positively impacts the bottom line. Diverse teams are more innovative, make better decisions, and are more productive. 

To demonstrate its commitment to DEI, BIG has implemented various initiatives and programs. Our  leadership committee meets monthly to address Succession Planning, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion are part of the agenda. This team is responsible for promoting and implementing DEI initiatives within the company. Additionally, our HR Department conducts regular interviews to raise awareness and ensure the effectiveness of our DEI strategy, leaving no employee unnoticed.


Succession Planning

At BIG, our commitment to succession planning is the cornerstone that resonates with every team member, collectively known as TEAM BIG.  What sets us apart is our internal succession strategy, where every leader at BIG has evolved from an entry-level position within the organization to their current role. 

We firmly believe that people shape a company, not the other way around. Our culture not only embraces progressive succession planning for each team member, but also underscores the significance of diversity, equality, and inclusion across our business. We allocate dedicated resources and establish policies committed to enhancing the growth and development of our team. 

Nearly 50% of BIG’s leadership team comprises exceptional women leaders who stand out as some of the most talented in our industry. Their expertise and vision play pivotal roles in driving progress and change within our business. Our diversified workforce includes talented individuals from various cultures, educational backgrounds, and military service, embodying our commitment to diversity. 

We encourage anyone and everyone to apply for employment opportunities within our business. It’s a point of pride that over 99% of our middle or upper management positions are filled by existing team members from within our workforce. 

Being part of this remarkable organization fills me with pride, knowing our priorities are aligned and our vision is laser focused on building a thriving and inclusive workplace. 

– Paul Taunton, President / CEO


Carbon Footprint

We decided to harness the power of our employee engagement technology to transform transactions into eco-action. In collaboration with a few of our key suppliers, we’ve successfully planted 5 million trees in just 12 months – a significant achievement, but only the beginning. Our next target? Planting 10 million trees!

Why trees? Recent scientific evidence shows that planting trees and restoring vital forests is one effective way to reduce greenhouse gasses.  While climate change science is complex, this solution is remarkably simple. Trees naturally absorb and store dangerous carbon. In fact, a single tree can remove up to 48 lbs. of carbon every year.


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