Jack Links

Jack Link's, a prominent name in the snack industry, aimed to enhance operational efficiency, cut costs, and ensure uniform brand standards across its widespread franchise locations. Recognizing the need for comprehensive solutions, Jack Link's forged a strategic partnership with BIG to achieve these objectives seamlessly.


Jack Link’s aimed to enhance its operational efficiency by implementing a solution that seamlessly integrated with existing corporate systems. The goal was to streamline management, provide real-time order information, and optimize corporate reporting. This involved creating a custom web-based user interface and integrating it with three distinct systems: Sitecore (ecommerce), Okta, and Salesforce.


  • Involved a Nationwide Network of 250,000 Retailers
  • Managed Over 2,000 SKU’s


To meet Jack Link’s objectives, we developed a custom user interface using React, tightly integrated with Salesforce. Additionally, we crafted custom Angular front-end components for the B2B store. These components presented filtered Salesforce data as options in custom order fields. Orders placed in the B2B store were seamlessly pushed to a custom listener service, which, in turn, transmitted the order data into custom objects in Salesforce.

Security Measures

To ensure the highest security standards, we implemented robust security features, including strong encryption, Azure Key Vault, and Azure WAF. This meticulous approach enabled us to pass audits by Jack Link’s global security team and third-party penetration testing.


This extensive and intricate integration project was successfully delivered on time and within budget. The key value delivered to Jack Link’s includes:

  • Real-time Visibility: Jack Link’s corporate now enjoys real-time visibility into all order activities, budget balances, etc., within the framework of their own business operating systems. This eliminates the need to pull data from various sources, enhancing data quality and facilitating enterprise-level reporting.
  • Simple, Secure Access: The seamless and straightforward access not only saves time but also aligns with best practices for data security. Users no longer need to remember or create separate credentials, ensuring a more secure environment.
  • Personalized User Experience: Each user benefits from a customized experience based on their role. They are presented with resources that are most pertinent to their responsibilities, further enhancing operational efficiency and user satisfaction.